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Layouts from the User manual


Layout No.1



Oil can, Grease gun, Wheel nut Wrench & Brace, Jack & Handles, Tool bag, Starting Handle, Engine Deck Lid Key, User Manual, Oil bottle 1/4. Tyre Gauge, Wire cutters, Screw Driver,


Layout No.2



Tow rope, Brush wooden handled, Spade, Pick axe handle, Leather gloves, Two brushes, Machete, Machete sheaf and Padlocks x 9.


Layout No.3

Flare Pistol and Holster

Picture courtesy of James McNeely



Stove & cooking pans

Flame adjustment through side using a rod, a cooking pan set and water container 5 gallons.

Servicing cookers here




Layout No.4



Four MK17 Periscopes, Lead Light, Windscreen, Washer bottle and Commanders periscope MK


Browning Tripod & Mounting Yoke and Fitting for the Tripod

Pictures courtesy of James McNeely



My Tripod which is waiting for its Traverse and Elevation (T&E)


From left to right : Mounting Yoke,  Traverse, Extractor ruptured cartridge and Wrench socket..




From left to right : Case cleaning rods, Cleaning rods & case and Wrench combination




Browning Barrel Cover



Bren or Browning Holdall ? Not sure if this is correct



Machete with canvas and leather sheaf's to be correct the Machete and the canvas sheaf go together.





Sand Channels or Ditching Channels

The one on the left is an original, the one on the right is a reproduction. The tip off is the four raised reinforcing ribs on the original.

Picture courtesy of James McNeely



Pierced steel planking (PSP) used as a substitute for sand channel

Picture courtesy of James McNeely



Early Type of boiling vessel and lead

Pictures courtesy of James McNeely



Thermos Flask (military / civilian)


The Thermos / Vacco Flask produced for the Civilian and Military market are identical in two basic ways both have a crackle paint finish and a cork stopper. 

The military version has the black crackle paint finish on both the body of the flask and the lid. The flask also has a white instruction diagram on the side and a broad arrow mark on the base of the flask with a date of manufacturer stamped on.

The civilian version has a different design of handle, no instructions on it is side and no broad arrow mark on the base. Its also a different colour to the military version lime green.



This 'civilian' flask had also been bought by the MOD after production of the early style of flasks finished see above. The Thermos below still has an MOD part No. sticker on the side.

Picture courtesy of James McNeely



Cable Reel D10 and strap for holding the wire in place

Picture courtesy of Bob Hill





Periscope No.17 MK 3 (drivers hatch and front visors) & Periscope AFV No.3 (Turret).




Canvas Items

    From left to right : Smoke discharger covers, Cartridge casing collector bag, Water bucket and Spotlight / headlight cover.





From left to right : Cleaning brushes, Screw Jack and handle and Gloves used with the tow chain




Alternative 4T Bottle Jack

These come up for sale on epay every now and again.



From left to right : Plug in light, Fluid flywheel tool, Sand channel mounts and Fire Extinguishers




From left to right : Quart oil bottle, Funnel petrol and Spotlight




Three different types of First Aid Kits that have been carried in the Ferret

Picture courtesy of James McNeely



Locks (eight carried as per CES instruction)

Two different types of locks have been produced by Squire for the MOD Belfry and Old English, both have a Nato number and the broad arrow.



NBC equipment


Decontamination Kit

Bottle holder on the Ferret and the bottle and decontamination kit

Pictures courtesy of James McNeely




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