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I suspect that the majority off the new recruits to the 'military world' have done so by buying Classic Military Vehicle Magazine. Classic Military Vehicle magazine recruited me in 2002 while I was shopping with my better half in a book and magazine shop what article you ask?  It could only be the picture and article about the Daimler Ferret by Pat Ware.

So I thought it only fair to do introduce any prospective new recruits to CMV by placing a link on the site.







Richard Banister


Marcus Glenn

I have bought spares at one time another from nearly all of the suppliers below.

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Empire Trading



Vintage Military Vehicle Manuals














Green Machine Surplus







* Classic Heads *

'Electronic ignition'



Historic Military Vehicle Spares



* Khaki Corps Imports North America *

* I have not bought any items off the sellers with the asterisks *


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