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I thought it might be a good idea to list the types off webbing / kit / uniform that were available to the average soldier whilst in service.


58 Pattern Webbing



58 Pattern webbing was / is still being used by Army Cadets, some of the kit below is dated after the Ferret went out of service in the UK. Which is obviously the reason why some of the kit looks so good.

Backpack Item A





    Yoke Item B



Belt Item F


Missing picture


Kidney Pouches Item C




Ammo Pouch Right Item D




Ammo Pouch Left Item E




Poncho Roll Item H





Straps Item G



Machete Sheaf



Water Bottle Pouch




S6 Respirator Bag





Additional items used in the field



Missing picture


Binoculars No 2 MK 3





Camp Bed



Extremely basic in design and very easy to put up.




58 Pattern Sleeping Bag

If you buy a sleeping bag and are quite tall make sure that you purchase a Long sleeping bag rather than a Normal size.

Missing pictures


Two man bivouac Tent


Not put the tent up yet to cold and wet!


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