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Woodvale Victoria Park June 2016







    War and Peace Revival 2014






Yorkshire Wartime Experience 2014







Woodvale 2014










War and Peace Revival 2013






Ince Blundell 2013






War and Peace 2012


I'll start with the Ferrets 60th Anniversary parade on Sunday if I can count 15 vehicles took part.







In action in the arena





Non Ferret at War and Peace


A34 Comet

My favourite 2nd World War Tank and I was lucky enough to have a ride around the arena courtesy of the owner



Two Daimler Armoured Cars

Managed to have a drive of one these as well courtesy of Singe (thank you).




Staghound, M10 Achilles and M36 Jackson




Woodvale 2011


A touch cloudy this year with huge dollop of sarcasm!


Centurion Tank



Land Rover Ambulance Series 2A or Series 3 plus and Austin Champ









After Beltring (War and Peace) July 2011


I didn't take any pictures at the show too many things to do and not enough time.

We went down in the RB44 towing the carrier on a trailer





Friends of Copperas Field 21st May 2011




RAF Woodvale 2010


The one and only picture that we took as I forgot the camera. Pictured with the RB44 that was recently bought from Withams



Courtesy of Mark Lancaster



You tube video off RAF Woodvale last year the RB44 is near the beginning and my Ferret is following Steve Wallings Ferret.




Friends of Copperas Field 23rd May 2009




Abbotsfield Park 2nd to the 4th May 2009




The Imperial War Museum of the North with a T54/55 out front.

It really is as bad as they say thankfully its free to enter! The Science Museum in Manchester has more exhibits than this edifice has! Visit the Science Museum




Withams 21st March 2009


CET and FH70 with a 105mm gun




Withams 22nd November 2008




Humber Pig and Ferret


With thanks to Chris S for the picture


Bought from Anchor Supplies 22nd November 2008 in Nottingham


I bought two UN Flag stickers (36 by 39cm) and three convoy flags.




5th July 2008 Rose Queen Procession


In Brabyns Park Marple Bridge before the procession started.



Onwards to Mellor Church Fete







Tatton Park American Car Show 5th July 2008

I did not manage to visit the show as unfortunately I had work commitments so it is thanks to Chris Speakman for these pictures.






Tatton Park Classic Car Show 31st May 2008


The Gamma Goat quite a bulky beast I hadn't realised just how big the Gamma Goat was until I saw one in the 'flesh' so to speak.



GMC Signals Van used in Oman, Reo and the Land Rover lightweight that I forgot to take a picture off at Abbotsfield Park even though it was next to my Ferret!




Lancia Stratos I think it is a kit car but what a kit if it is!




Abbotsfield Park in Urmston on a wet May Day bank holiday weekend 4th May 2008

Today the 5th May it has not rained cannot help but feel that it is me!




This was Ian Rhodes Volvo Sugga




Foden, Universal Carrier, Morris 15cwt, Sentinel and Various traction Engines





Salt and Ferret January 27th 2008


For those of you that are not familiar with English roads the local government roads department grits the major roads with salt when the temperature outside drops below freezing.  I made the mistake in wanting to drive my Ferret after this had been done hence the title Salt and Ferret.  What a mistake!




10th November 2007 MPH at the NEC in Birmingham Ford WOA1

Not the best picture taken with my old old mobile phone.



August 29th 2007 New Petlas tyres




12th August 2007

This area is now a Metrolink Tram Stop.



29th July 2007

Before the tyres were changed (hard to believe that this picture was taken with a mobile phone camera).



Tatton Park Car show 3rd June 2007

Not a lot of military vehicles... great auto jumble spent more than I wanted too typical !!!




Eighteenth Birthday Party June 2nd 2007

Not my 18th unfortunately I was 36 that same month.





April 8th 2007

A drive out to the Farm where I store my Ferret Mk 2/4's 02CA35 & 08BB48




My Dad on 00CC09



25th March 2007 00CC09

Running at last!!! Notice how I hadn't bolted up the access hatches underneath in my rush to have a drive





Stoneleigh January 2007 Champ Cutaway and a highly polished Champ (last picture).

Pictures courtesy of Chris Speakman




Withams 2006 when it was hot not like 2007 hopefully 2008 will be better!

It wasn't much better than 2007 roll on 2009




Beltring 2005

Centurion, Dingo and Fox




M8 Greyhound & M3 light tank




Ferrets from 2005




Ferret 34BA08 MK2/2 high collar




Austin Champ






Beltring (Hop Farm) 2004



Centurion restored for the Channel Four series 'Salvage Squad'




Three generations British Army Main Battle Tanks

Centurion Tank & Chieftain Tank




Three views of the MK 1 Challenger Tank




T72 & Sherman BARV




I wish I could remember who owned this Ferret it was absolutely immaculate inside




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