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The pictures below shows the interior and some of the Clansman intercom / radio harness.






Aluminium ID plate as fitted to every Ferret often missing.


There are at least four different versions of this plate one of which is 3/4 of the size of these later aluminium plates.

Each plate has part of the hull number stamped into it plus base repairs and the date that those were carried out.



Blank Plate subtle difference to the plate above.




Hull Shocker as used in Northern Ireland in the seventies a rare item (a term highly over used especially on e-bay)

Picture courtesy of James McNeely




All three front hatches had been modified with the use of a gas axe to fit FV432 periscopes on 00CC09.


When entering or exiting the Ferret do not use the front or rear hatch's as a means to lever you're self in or out of the Ferret unless you fancy having Ferret fingers. What's Ferret fingers you ask its when the hatch has closed unexpectedly on you're finger in the worse case scenario severing or breaking a finger or two. Not had that happen to me yet!




Internal boxes and bins

NOS Sterling / Sten Magazine bin (incorrectly spelled not by me I may add).




Another Version of the Sterling or Sten Magazine holder.



Document Holder some times fitted inside and is also to be found mounted inside the large side bin fixed to the escape hatch.




Butt holder for the Bren (mounts the Butt of the Bren on the Bevel box to the drivers left)




Barrel Mount for the above (mounts the barrel of the Bren on the transmission tunnel to the drivers left)


Have one of these somewhere picture to arrive shortly


Periscope boxes

Wireless 88 box, Turret periscope box and drivers periscope box.




Ammo bin, First Aid box bin & Splinter Screen Holder.




Two types of No. 80 Grenade boxes were fitted more commonly found is the silver version on the left.




Thermos Flask holder x2, Bulb box holder, Smoke Grenade firing Box.




SA 80 Mounts late fitment to Ferrets.




Battery Box and combined Seat Belt & Sterling mount.




Spares Box to fit the escape hatch side bin.




Seating / head protection pads from the interior of the Ferret.




The piece of metal below is the turret ring backing plate pad (what's left of it anyway).



Petrol Tank and mountings.


As bought from a local dealer.... The ironic bit I stripped all of the equipment of this petrol tank and then bought it off e-bay three years later double doh doh!





Night Intensifier as fitted to some MK 1/2 and MK 1 & 2's ?

Fitted with a CVR(T) mounting

Wonderful piece of equipment I tried it at night with the curtains closed and no lights on. It did a great job of highlighting all the junk in the spare bedroom!





Night Intensifier Hatch





Fire Fighting Equipment



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Daimler Ferret Scout Car Interior