Daimler Ferret Scout Car in service

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Pictures Courtesy off Ryk Beardmore

Rick Beardmore drove 35BA45 in Libya 1956




A look back at British Forces Germany



Keith Brooker

Has allowed me to use the following pictures all were originally photographed by the late R E Smith.


Amphibious Ferrets

MK 1





MK 2/3



Air dropped Ferrets

MK 1/2





MK 2/3 04CC05



MK 5




Ferrets with Missiles ( MK 2/6 Vigilant and MK 5 Swingfire).


16MS32 looks to be a mock up or prototype of the Vigilant equipped MK 2/6.



MK 2/6 00EB03





MK 5 03ED89





Arctic Ferret --BB02



Camo'd Ferret



UN Ferret




French Ferret










More to come

Pictures courtesy of Neil Lemon

Neil's father served with 11th Hussars in Aden in 1960/61





















Paddie Hunt





Pictures courtesy of Caroline Maude




34BA36, 34BA34 and possibly 04ED13

34 BA 36 and 38 BA 34 at the formation parade of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, on 2nd July 1971



Gordon Scott

The photo is of myself and was taken between January and March 1978.

I was serving with the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards on attachment with the 13th/18th Royal Hussars in Omagh Northern Ireland.



Cyprus 1975


Cyprus 1975 with D squadron (air portable) Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, the young lady in the turret asked to come out on patrol, just my luck to get bogged in.






I thought it might be a good idea to link to some of the Exercises that were undertaken by BAOR in Germany in the late seventies early eighties.


Exercise Red Claymore 1981


This has a Ferret in the video in the first minute or so.



Keystone 79




Quarter Final 1982



Spearpoint 1980



After service picture awaiting restoration


Pictures courtesy off Bo Bergmann Christensen

00CC48 Army Combat School in Vest Jutland Denmark


I have found another ferret in Denmark. It is 00CC48 from 1959 like my Ferret (01DC76) it has served in Germany with the BAOR and has been rebuilt at 23 Base Workshop in Wetter. Apparently it ended its days serving with the Territorial Army (TA). It has been modified to fit the Gimpy in the turret. As you can see it needs a bit of work....  The car now rests in storage at the Army Combat School in Vest Jutland. It is meant to be restored and displayed as a Danish Cyprus-Ferret in the school museum.






Pictures courtesy off Mike Skehel


The pictures were probably taken in January/February 1988 on the Soltau-Luneburg Training Area in Germany, with a Chieftain AVLB to the right with a No8 Bridge onboard and a Centurion AVRE (165mm) carrying a maxi-pipe fascine in the background. I was troop commander of 1 Troop, 26 Armoured Engineer Squadron at the time and this was my vehicle.




As it is now



Pictures courtesy off Peter Tatum


They show three MK4 Ferrets 00CC19, 01DC31 & 06CC72 at a ministry facility in the late 1960's early 1970's









Ferrets in Cyprus

All pictures courtesy off Bo Bergmann Christensen

The Ferret was only used by the Danish Army during UN - service on Cyprus. Ferrets were loaned to the Danish Army by the British Army / Government.



05CC31 upturned










Michael D Booker



Not sure if you want any old ferret photos, but just in case, here is one taken at Halton Camp Lancaster the weekend the Falklands was invaded. It belonged to a RE TA unit who were in the camp the same time as us, so yours truly borrowed it to have a spin in!



Don Peter Brooks


I served with 3 Troop, 12 (Nova Scotia) Field Squadron, Royal Engineers in Osnabrück, Germany from 1976 -1979.
Find 2 photos of my MK 1/2 Ferret. Call sign E13L. These were taken on Driver Training. I was the instructor. She was the Liaison Ferret for the Troop Officer.
This Ferret was replaced by a Spartan (00 FF 32) in 1978.
In addition, we had a MK 2/3 Recce Ferret. Call sign E13R with the registration 00 CC 60. Sorry, no photos available. This vehicle also was replaced by a Spartan.




00EA81 was last heard of as a gate guard in Scotland


02CC38 as pictured during the First Gulf War

Richard Powell




BATUS (British Army Training Unit Suffield) located in Alberta Canada

Peter Breakspear


Three pictures off Ferrets taken in the eighties at BATUS when it was part of the RAC safety. C/S was Safety 23 I was the commander and a chap from the 9th/12th Lancers was my driver.





Cyprus 1971


These are from the early seventies, 1971, in Cyprus. The indistinct one is from Acamas ranges at the western end of the island reg number 03DC23. I believe people lie on the beach there now.




00EA94 1993 on the amalgamation of 17/21L and 16/5L at Tidworth. It provided the escort for HM Queen



This was my ride during a Medicine Man exercise in the late 80's it was armed with an L37 7.62mm GPMG




Picture of 02CC80 courtesy of Michael Furlong, ex 16/5 lancers




Otterburn Training Area

All pictures provided by Steve Osfield were taken in the late 1990's.


It seemed only fitting on a page dedicated to 'Ferret' in service pictures to show what happens to vehicles after the Army has ceased to have an in service role for the vehicle. The pictures taken by Steve show Warcop firing range and Otterburn Training Area.

The vast majority of Ferret target vehicles have now been removed from these ranges and if any do still happen to be on these ranges they should not be approached due to the obvious items that could still be in or around the vehicle. The vehicles on any range in the UK or any Ministry of Defence managed range are still owned by the MOD and stealing items off any range bound vehicle risks life and limb plus a possible prison sentence and a criminal record.









Warcop Firing Range



Otterburn Training Area

Pictures courtesy of Andrew Douglas all pictures taken 2001






Dramatic to say the least it does show some of the access holes underneath the vehicle






Pictures courtesy of Peter Hill at www.xrhgb.com









Steve Murray Northern Ireland MK4 early Seventies and No that's not a large jump suit




Pictures courtesy of Baz








All four pictures below have been kindly supplied by Roy Mellor.


Roy is in the 2nd picture standing in front of a Mk 2 Ferret.





Link to Colins page


Picture kindly supplied courtesy of Colin Boutty.

 Colin in his younger years servicing a Ferret.

This Ferret still survives and is owned by Peter Wong in America and can be seen here



Pictures kindly supplied courtesy of Colin Boutty.

The first and second pictures were taken in Hong Kong in 1968 and the third picture was taken in 1957

As written by Colin Boutty

'Hong Kong1968', is at Fanling on the Chinese border and 'Joe on Ferret' is my brother in law Joe Eastwood also on the Chinese border. Note the AR16 Armalite rifle we were issued with these for the Hong Kong tour, a bit more umphh & accuracy than the Stirling SMG, but a lot smaller & lighter than the SLR.



Mike Allen

Ferrets in Aden 00EC53/4



Building a Ferret in the form that they are above and below would seem to very do-able



The Ferret that I drove in Kormaksar main base was 00EC53. Tony Fortnam has pics of me climbing in and out of 00EC53. One thing Tony didn't realise was that the two Ferrets I drove in Aden were specially modified (00EC53 & 00EC54). There had been incidents of the wheels hitting a mine and the half shafts blasting through the pedal area and the driver losing a limb or two!! Not very good for morale!! The ferrets I drove had the accelerator shifted to between the brake and the selection pedal then a reinforced metal box (shroud!!) was built either side/ and braced. The idea obviously was to protect the drivers legs. It made driving a whole new experience I can tell you!! As the pedal area was therefore very restricted for big numb DMS boots, the ferret drivers of this "breed" of Ferret were allowed to wear the soft "Chukker" boots beloved of the officer class who were none too impressed that lowly squaddies were allowed to wear them. The DMS boots thick welts used to "catch" against each other making braking a tad difficult in a hurry!! I always used to drive with my left leg bent up under me as far as possible "just in case"!!! Far better to lose one leg than two seemed a pretty good option!! 

With thanks to Mike Allen



05CC16 courtesy off Mark at www.greenmachinesurplus.com





Fred says that he cannot quite remember who the gentleman is who's painting the tyres with tyre black. Fred also mentioned that this was the vehicle that the 'new' lads were trained on.

Cyprus circa 1976

Picture kindly supplied courtesy of Fred Hughes


Cyprus Limassol Zone circa 1971

Pictures below kindly supplied courtesy of David Reid


David received these pictures from his Father (also called David) who was the Padre with 1st Bn the Gordon Highlanders at the time in Cyprus. He is the stocky gentleman on the right hand side of the picture below, he is also in some of the other pictures.

David thinks they were taken in the Limassol Zone in 1971







Pictures courtesy of Ray via Nick Blackburn

Ray was in  Condor Troop, 59 Commando Sqn RE.




Notice the wire cutters fitted to the Turrets on these MK 2's.




In service with the Dutch Army in the late 1950's

The pictures below were taken by a shop keeper during his Army service

Pictures courtesy of Rene Westendorp






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