Daimler Ferret Electrical equipment





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Wiring Diagrams


Early Wiring Diagram taken from the 1958 illustrated Spare Parts List no indicators.


Version 1 L1


Version 1 L2

Have a look at the rear lights in the diagram that's just one difference.



1969 Wiring Diagram

It goes without saying that the wiring diagram has become a lot more complicated due to the fitment of indicators.



1969 Stop Light Circuit.




Instruments Cluster


Dash Pod (Temp gauge, Petrol gauge, Speedo clock and Tachometer clock).







First identify your Switchboard the earlier type of Switchboard is on the right in the picture below.



Switchboard No. 1 MK 1 F.V.157924





I could not undo the brass ferules that hold the wires at the rear of the unit (see picture above right). Admittedly heat would have worked but I would not have had any rubber left. Having one of those small sand blasting cabinets would have helped at the time (have one now).

Click below for instructions on how to apply new letters to you're Switchboard.

Water slide transfer instructions for the Switchboard





Indicator Box

The unit below is missing it's flasher unit




The Lucas switch is still available for the Indicator Box Part No. 54033632 (Triumph Stagg).







Head Light assembly



Tail Light - Side Light - Stop Light


Early side lights & stop lights to the left, later versions to the right.





Number plate Light




Convoy Light



Interior Lamp



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