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Servo some MK 1's & 2's and fitted to MK 4's & 5's 


Master Cylinder


This master cylinder still works when pumped but it could do with new seals being fitted





This Master Cylinder below has been knocking around for a while in my shed, its missing almost everything with the exception of the inner parts.

Its nice and shiny as its just come out of the parts washer.



New Master Cylinders can still be bought off E-bay for approximately 60. The only differences as far as I can see is that it does not come with the extension tube but it does come with an extra bleed nipple on the master cylinder body.



Having had a look inside the filler hole it would be advisable to clean the preservative from inside before use and it might also be worthwhile replacing the seals as well.




Wheel Cylinders





Brake pipe banjo unions, to the left in the picture below front type and to the right the rear type of banjo (two studs).



Brake Servo


Lockheed HA1 Remote Vacuum Servo.







Brake servo with the correct brake pipes.



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