Daimler Ferret Scout Car MK 2/4 02CA35





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History as received from the Tank Museum




In service with the UN on Cyprus

The period photo shows the Ferret serving with Danish Troops attached to United Nations probably in Cyprus during the 1960s. The shield [Red with white cross] is the Danish Brigade Group serving with British Army Of the Rhine [BAOR]. Notice the Danish flag on turret. The blue sign on the side is of course the UN marking.


Photo courtesy of the Danish Vehicles Homepage link below



As it looked before I started to strip it down



Bits and pieces from 02CA35 & 08BB48 prior to sandblasting





More pictures of 02CA35 as it was being stripped down





Most of the Larkspur boxes and cables still present




Engine seized not for long though!




Prop shaft tunnels had to be cut out as the nuts holding them to the floor had rusted away.





More work 9th August 2007

Flying gearbox




Hub,  brake shoes and suspension




Sawdust on the floor to soak up any remaining oil




September 5th 2007

Oil markings




Rust pitting




The floor area has a bit of rust on it as well






Replacement B60 Engine for 02CA35



After cleaning and touching up the paint in places





Cheap oil from the supermarket no point using best oil just for a test run





Two videos of the replacement engine for 02CA35 running on the floor of the barn.... no sound unfortunately





 The original seized engine from 02CA35

Rocker cover, rockers and the the head itself being removed.




The third cylinder from the left still had diesel in the bore that I had poured into the cylinders a few months earlier




When I removed the sludge/diesel from each bore I found that cylinders three and four had a light covering of rust, the third cylinder being the worst. I used a very fine wet and dry paper with plenty of oil to remove the rust. It will now rotate 3/4 of the way round before it locks again. It now rotates fully without locking but I still have to remove the pistons to clean the piston rings and remove the last of the oil / Diesel mix.




I have removed all 39 nine studs but it is a thankless task... must buy a stud remover! Bought one oh so easy now!



The engine has had the all the exposed bare metal covered in grease and has then been boxed up in an MOD crate waiting for me to have the time to finish it off.



02CA35 after Sandblasting 10th February 2008

The red oxide paint on the tyres was not done by me, it was sprayed on by the sandblasting company that I employed to blast the beast but to whom I am not going to be giving any credit due to the poor job carried out by them.

I have done the initial coat of bronze green paint in the pictures and I am hoping to spray another coat of paint when I have time this weekend weather permitting. I ran out of light this Sunday I sprayed until it went dark which was to long as it turned out.


British Standard Paint colours for the exterior Dark Bronze Green BS224.





Painting the interior silver 24th February 2008





Work restarted on successive Sundays from the 8th March onwards

I have been concerned for a while at the condition of the rear left Bevel Box and its excessive play when its rotated back and forwards. So I decided rather than have it break whilst the engine was in place I would replace it with another that I have. Not difficult I managed to remove it in three hours only to find that it might not be the Bevel box. I'm now wondering if the problem lies within the hub or to the rear of the hub.




Two Bevel boxes together one has been on the front of a vehicle rather than the rear at some point.



Having decided to check out the hub I needed to remove the alan headed bolts typically one decided that it didn't fancy coming loose and proceeded to spin the alan key oh joy! The drill will be coming out this weekend. The hub is the problem a shim has completely worn in two.



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